Reasons to Visit the Lake House Tavern and Hotel in Fall

One of the most classic vacations in the American experience is the voyage among New England’s Fall colors, with the great state of Maine providing some of the most stunning views and most charming locales for both the new or seasoned traveler.

The people of Maine have long captured the interest of travelers the world over, and their resoluteness, conscientiousness, and resilience have changed the American cultural landscape for centuries — even their outdoorsy, folksy clothing styles, demonstrated by the famous LL Bean company, have outfitted both hard-working outdoors-people and well-heeled Ivy Leaguers alike for

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Reasons to Visit the Lake House Tavern and Hotel in Summer

If you’re looking for a fantastic summer vacation, consider visiting the Lake House Tavern and Hotel this summer. Whether you’re looking for a romantic and unusual couple’s retreat or just something unique to do with your blossoming family, a visit to this fantastic tavern and hotel in historic Maine is a perfect way to escape from the bustle and business of city life.

Whether your family is hoping to get in some skiing, explore historic downtown or just wants to get away

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A Free Home Insurance Quote

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Reasons to Visit the Lake House Tavern and Hotel in Spring

The Lake House is a famous tavern and hotel located in Waterford, Maine. It was built in the 1797 and was even featured in the National Registry of Historic Places. It was first built to be a tavern then in 1847 became The Maine Hygenic Institute for Ladies. In the year 1984, it was then turned into a hotel.

The Lake House is secluded and is located along a beautiful lake. It offers its visitors relaxation and a beautiful scenic view. The

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Designing and Decorating the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

The history of The Lake House in Waterford, Maine is quite enticing. The dwelling has been sold and renovated several times since its creation in 1797. Some occupants have testified that the inn is haunted by the previous owners and guests. The antique beauty of this house owns its mystical history largely to the local myths and stories carried over many generations. It is truly tempting to make the reservations and spend the weekend there. The building was originally built as a tavern for weary

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Five Surprising Facts About the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

Lake House Tavern and Hotel is located in Waterford, Maine, in the foothills of the New England White Mountains and is surrounded by historic white clapboard houses. Below are five little known facts about Lake House.

In 1789, Eli Longley purchased the land and built a small cabin on it. It became a gathering place for locals and an inn for travelers. In 1797, right after Waterford was officially incorporated, Longley was the first to hang out his sign and, thus, the Lake

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Five Fun Facts About the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

If you are in need of a charming spot to vacation, try out The Lake House Tavern and Hotel that is located in Waterford, Maine. There is no doubt that this secluded spot has history. Here are a few of the many fun and interesting facts about this wonderful B&B that is nestled in the foothills of the New England White Mountains.

1. The Lake House was built in 1979, which is also the year that the town of Waterford was incorporated. It was built by Eli Longley, who was a man with a great business mind.

2. The

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The Person Who Created the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

“The Person Who Created the Lake House Tavern and Hotel”

If you like historic houses, visit the Lake House Tavern and Hotel. The historic hotel was created by Eli Longley in 1797. He was a business man who held the varied positions of postman and Treasurer of Waterford, Maine. The Bed and Breakfast is located near the beautiful Lake Keoka which is in the Lake Region of Maine. Waterford, Maine is a small community with about 1500 people. The formal address of

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The Architect Who Designed the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

The beautiful and serene White Mountains in the northwestern United States spread across New Hampshire and into western Maine. The high peaks and sparkling waterfalls of the White Mountain National Forest provide an striking background for The Lake House, a memorable and elegant structure built in the 1790′s by a well-known businessman named Eli Longley. This tavern has a feel of antiquity and history, being built in Waterford, Maine, the same year it became incorporated as a town.

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Infamous Guests of the Lake House Tavern and Hotel

The Lake House, located at the Waterford Flat in Waterford, Maine is a historic tavern, and was the first building to be constructed at it’s location in southern Maine; only an hour’s drive from the Atlantic coast as well as the Maine/New Hampshire border. Eli Longley, a prominent businessman of the time, built the seven bedroom Lake House in 1797; the same year the town where it is situated was incorporated. This antique lakeside village is located just north of the Keoka Lake not far from Mt. Tire’m. In 1847, the Lake House became the Maine Hygienic institute for

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