Dining at the Lake House Bed and Breakfast

Dinner at Lake House Bed and Breakfast is an experience to be savored. As food emerges from the kitchen, the dining rooms fill with a symphony of aromas. The menu, which favors European influences, offers such entrees as Roasted Duckling, Caribbean Salmon or Filet Mignon. Fresh seasonal produce steers the menu, with a heavy emphasis on fresh seafood during the summer months. A full line of Appetizers and Desserts rounds out your meal. Diners are encouraged to prevail upon chef/owner Michael Myers for an appropriate selection from his well-rounded wine list. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence since 1986. Serving 6 nights May to October. Weekends during off-season.

“The entire evening will have the feel of a perfectly orchestrated event” quotes Elizabeth Peavey from Downeast Magazine June 2001

Michael Myers is a chef trained in the classic style of gourmet meal preparation. As chef-proprietor of Lake House Bed and Breakfast, Michael oversees the invention of culinary masterpieces and is equally well versed in suggesting just the right wine selection for each meal. He has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence each year for the past decade.

The dining room also recreates the charm of America’s beginnings and boasts what many call the “Best food in all of Maine”.